Cannabinoids Defined

Our Vision

Committed to wellness, Greensight will be a leading producer of high-purity wholesale Cannabidiol (CBD) and manufacturer of CBD infused products. From sustainable organic hemp farming, manufacturing innovation and effective market execution, we will drive both growth and diversification in the non-psychoactive CBD submarket of the cannabis sector.

Our planned state-of-the-art production facilities will be EU GMP certified and will be supplied with hemp grown on the fertile Greensight land. We will maintain and expand upon existing strategic partnerships with distribution companies to expand reach for our products across export markets. Much like our competitors, Greensight has an aggressive expansion plan to increase production capacity. However, unlike many of our competitors, we are solely focused on CBD and this will allow us to be more operationally efficient and adaptive in the emerging CBD market.

Potential Health and Wellness applications csovi vii

Pain relief viii Epilepsyi xx Anxiety xi Fighting Cancer xii Diabetes xiii